Summery Tuscan Breakfast Spread

Baumhaus HK wanted to surprise their staff with a mini breakfast spread (the sweetest, right?) and we wanted to make sure we matched their interiors and brand colours – teal, orange, yellow green and yellow. So we did a fresh take on summer that hinted a bit of being under the Tuscan sun, which we think is appropriate as we always feel like this whenever we are in Baumhaus!

We worked with their interiors and made sure the table looked organic. We had bread baskets, fruit platters, yogurt cups, doughnuts, mini cupcakes and fresh juices on tap. Our table had floral and fruit accents with framed custom prints. We had this really cute wooden hoop that said, “Happy Anniversary Baumhaus” and adorned it with leaves. Everything really went well together and we had the best time seeing each staff member’s reactions whenever they came in (morphed from a look of trepidation to surprise to all out joy).

Happy Anniversary, Baumhaus!

  • Styled by Nestology Studio
  • Baked Goods by Cuppacake

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